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Descriptions: "Brush Strokes"by David McMillan, author of "Unforgiving Destiny" and "Escape", both available on Amazon.
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PRINTS are AVAILABLE up to Standard Poster Size (24 x 36)

"Dead Man's Hand" Oil on Linen 2020

"Don't become distracted wondering if it's all eights or aces under the remaining card. I've stared down into a few whiskey glasses in my time and Julia's careful reflections have given me a thirst to know if the gun and the rose came from the same hand."

9 x 12 (22 x 30cm) $2500.00

(frame included)






"The Message " Oil on Linen 2020

"Imagine this message is brought to you as you wait. An invitation from a temptress? Or something you loved cut from the source of life. The color will give you an answer, and we all know that color remains a personal perception."

8 x 10 (20 x 25cm) $2100.00

(frame included)


"Redemption" Oil on Linen 2019

"The narrow chamfron of the steed’s barding might not offer great protection from a barbarian cutlass, but the mane should put fear in the infidel heart if Julia has anything to do with it. Clearly, she does."


12x16 (30x40cm) $2200.00 (frame included)

"Deliverance" Oil on Linen 2019

"An unbridled spirit confronts the wind in an unsettling twilight. And a knowing look from this horse to those who catch her pass. She’s not alone in fearing the coming of night."

12x16 (30x40cm) $2200.00 (frame included)

"Pavo the Peacock" Oil on Linen 2020

"I had to look closer to see if the difficult iridescence would stand scrutiny, yet it does. Like the bird, yet with more modesty, Julia won’t be defied by Nature. The high neck and challenging gaze brought to mind Scarlett O’Hara unbroken by the ruins of The Twelve Oaks."

10x20 (25x50cm) $1100.00 (frame included)

"It's In Our Hands" Portrait of Ronald Bernard

Oil on Canvas 2018

"Ronald might do his best to conceal the hopefulness of his subdued smile. While his cerulean eyes shine to some bright future, the lines drawn by experience (and defended by Julia) show life itself rarely justifies that hope."

12x16 (30x40cm) $1200.00 (frame included)

Hear this amazing man's powerful story and message HERE


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