A portion of all pet bowl sales is used for Feral Cat Rescue/Trap-Neuter-Return

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Venetian Cat Pet Ware

from the

Royal House of Cat

Shown on left: 5 inch size

5 inch (13 cm) For cat or small dog: $40.00 ea

7 inch: (18 cm) $50.00

10 inch:(26 cm) )$60.00

Notice to pet owners (or in our case, cat servants): Your pets secretly wrote us saying that you need to buy one of these because  they're tired of eating off of plain, boring pet ware, and that you never bought them anything for their birthday.   So now is your chance to make it up to them *wink*.




      RED           (click thumbnails to enlarge)        SAFFRON

  JADE                                         TURQUOISE

GREEN                                     PAPAYA

Other Colors, Click HERE: 


Cat Photos

The Bed of Cat.   After all, it is THEIR house!

Once I learned to herd cats, I realized that ANYTHING is possible!

HERDING CATS:Hilarious Video

Front to back: Rusty, Boots,Luna,Onyx, Rat Cat, Rocky

Rat Cat (I didn't name her-LOL)

March 1993- July 30, 2009 RIP 

Squeaky,  my childhood kitty-1971 She lived to be 19.


Rocky sleeping on his face (left) and in my drawer (right)

Twin Kitties Onyx (left)and Luna (right)  In the picture on the left, they're getting a "kitty high" in a barrel of catnip plants.

Best Buddies...  Onyx will always squeeze into where Rocky is and Rocky cleans him.

Onyx before and after dinner.  He thinks  he's a dog here.

Onyx  1996-March 26, 2011 RIP


Boots "I am cuteness, and resistance is futile..."

"Check out my butt"

She is now The Queen in her new forever home.

Rusty  The Egyptians once worshipped cats as gods.  Cats have never forgotten this...

Mellow Max(RIP) and Marty 1992(left),Marty with Luna 2003(middle), and Marty June 2008(Age 16) The baby picture on the left won the" Cutest Pet" category for the Cocheco Valley Humane society photo contest of that year.

Remember that DOGS have OWNERS; CATS have STAFF : )